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3D Print Post-Processing

Achieving Photorealistic CMYK 3D Colour Printing, Revolutionizing Product Innovation, Techniques, Applications and Future Goals.
Discover our patented method that brings photorealistic coatings to 3D objects of all shapes and sizes.

Breaking away from conventional 3D printing post processes, we do not create 3D objects; instead, we elevate objects made from various materials with a stunning photorealistic surface.

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Our cutting-edge process empowers CNC, LASER, and 3D printer-produced 3D objects to boast a photorealistic surface.
Materials are no barrier; whether it's metals, porcelain, plastic, or even wood and stone in some cases, we've got you covered.
Experience a resolution of approximately 150 dpi, tailored to suit your material of choice.


Our method stands as an independent and significantly faster approach. Imagine bringing every digitally designed model, across all industries, to life exactly as it appears on your computer screen.


Here's how it works: We apply a color to the 3D object, starting with individual color combinations - the goal is the entire CMYK spectrum. We then precisely etch it away with a laser using our patented 3D process.

This process is possible with most engraving lasers, although a 1-axis system is required for relief. For true 3D, only multi-axis laser engraving systems are effective.

The removal of colors must always be seen in connection with the basis of the colors and the wavelength of the engraving laser.


Our innovation spans multiple domains, from plastic surgery and rapid prototyping, where prototypes now embody photorealism akin to computer renders, to broad-scale product customization.

Our technology finds its footing in the photo industry, jewelery , medals, medallions, coins, and displays with unparalleled photorealistic aesthetics. But the possibilities don't stop there.

Industries like business gifting, craftsmanship, luxury goods, watches, furniture, art, interior design, security, and commemorative items can all benefit from this transformative technique.


Although our process is tried, tested and patented, it is awaiting series production. However, the CMYK process still needs to be implemented. To realize this vision, we are actively seeking partners, investors and technical collaborators worldwide to bring this technology to market.

Join us on this journey to realize new options of 3D printing post-processing. Together we are shaping the future of product design and individualization.